How Youth in the 4-H Pioneer Club Benefit from Greater Kansas City Day

Cabins 4 KidsBy: Tara Markley, 4H Youth Development Agent, Johnson County K-State, Research & Extension

Pioneer has used some of the money we’ve received from the Rotary Club in a few different ways. Pioneer is utilizing some of the money from the Rotary Club to give back to the local DeSoto community. The group is coordinating with the local nursing home to purchase board games and activities as a gift, then the Pioneer youth plan to schedule a game day where kids can play games/do activities along with the senior adults. Pioneer does Christmas caroling at the nursing home each year, and we felt this was a way to extend our reach to the seniors in the community outside of the holiday season.

To give back to youth in the greater Kansas City area, Pioneer is sending one youth to camp this summer as part of the Cabins4Kids program. Cabins4Kids sends inner city kids who would not otherwise get a chance to have a “camp experience” to Rock Springs 4-H camp near Junction City where they learn about self-awareness, leadership development, civic engagement, and a respect for life. Many have an unstable home life, and camp becomes like a second home to them. Youth members from the Pioneer Club have been counselors at Cabins4Kids over the years. You can find more info here:

We are spending another bit of the Rotary money on club t-shirts—we are making sure each child has a Pioneer 4-H shirt to wear around town to promote 4-H to the greater community.

We are truly thankful for the Greater Kansas City Day project and Club 13’s efforts to support youth in our community.

Your donations help kids with organizations like the 4-H Pioneer Club to have wonderful programs like Cabins4Kids. Buy a paper March 29 or click the “Donate” button to donate any amount to Greater Kansas City Day.